• Wed. Jun 23rd, 2021


Grow with growing technology

Entertainment tech firm Metamedia was launched by the former disney and IMAX exec.

Metamedia, Entertainment technology and assembled an executive team from film, studio and tech companies which was launched by the Former IMAX president and walt disney Studios executive jason brenek.

Next level generation content delivery and also new revenue generating opportunities which are the aims to be provided said by the metamedia for content producers and cinemas.

To access and delivery the content through the IP networks is difficult and expensive according to the company, technology and bandwidth constraints have made It. Resolve this issues and Provide secure, rapid and cost saving delivery of movies trailers, live-streamed events and other other big screen programming are the aims of the MetaMedia through its metamedia Entertainment network distribution platform.

There are some other aims to provide for cinema operator and content producers by providing new sources of revenue-generating opportunities to them by enabling much broader programming choices, new cinematic content formats and enhanced release targeting.

brenek developed and lunched New products, platforms and technologies. before he worked as senior management roles at walt disney studios, including overseeing global digit cinema and cinema programming, over a decade.



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