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Top 5 password manager includes a Freemium version

Freemium password manager helps in giving complete security from password theft

Recent pandemic has changed our workspace. We have to work from home with a pc or a laptop without the high tech security of a company infrastructure. Hackers try to exploit this vulnerability. Recently, Zoom reported data theft and security breach with millions of password leaked on the dark web.

It is difficult to manage so many passwords on the internet these days. Password manager helps in keeping all your password safe in one vault with dual protection.

LastPass is one such password manager, developed by a Boston based company LogMein, Inc.

LastPass is a licenced as freemium resource which means it has all the features of a premium password manager, but it is distributed as a free resource. This gives you freedom to save your passwords and use them across the browsers and machines. Often people keep the same password for various accounts, which jeopardises the security. The best part of using a password manager is you can have different passwords for different accounts without worrying about losing them. They all will be saved in a vault, and can be used on PC, laptop or mobile simultaneously.

Who should use freemium password manager – LastPass

  1. Senior Citizen : who could not remember passwords or need protection for their online banking passwords.
  2. People working in network security
  3. Bank Employees
  4. Students
  5. Teachers (online)
  6. If you are working from home

Is this freemium password manager OS specific

LastPass works on all OS and browsers. It is safe to use with an authenticator as well as password protection. Lastpass is listed among the top 5 password managers along with Zoho, LogoForm, Bitwarden, and dashlane.

You can use these premium password managers to safeguard your work, sensitive information and banking details for an ironclad security.

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